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Pizza Hut Unveils Creative New Flavors

Credit: Shutterstock

Think you know pizza? Well think again.

On Monday, world famous pizza chain Pizza Hut unveiled five new toppings, including sliced banana peppers and Peruvian cherry peppers; six new sauces, such as marinara, garlic Parmesan and buffalo and 10 new crust flavors–among them, salted pretzel and honey Sriracha.

But wait…there’s more.

The restaurant has also revealed 11 new pizza recipes and four new flavor-pack drizzles, which are sauces, such as buffalo and balsamic, that are lightly drizzled on the pizza after baking.

Beyond that, Pizza Hut will debut a new look, including logos, uniforms and pizza boxes, according to the Associated Press.

The creative new offerings will be available starting November 19, but will you try them out? Take our poll and tell us your favorite pizza topping in the comments!