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Now We’re Cooking: Food For Hair Growth

This weekend, we know you’ll be in the kitchen. That’s why JET cooked up a way to spotlight celebrity chefs from around the country who will stop by and offer some practical advice to help you perfect your dishes and open your eyes to healthy ingredients. This week, Chef Cordell shares tips on how to promote hair growth.

 With the exception of locs, an S-Curl, and “finger waves” (I actually asked my parents……yeah that wasn’t happening), I’ve sported quite a few of the more common male hairstyles of the 1980s & 90s.  When I turned 21 however, my braids were “full and long” in the back, but “thin and uninterested in participating” at the top of my head.  The men in my family donned full heads of hair, so I didn’t understand why I was thinning.  Research showed me that besides stress, the dreaded inherited male pattern baldness, thyroid or autoimmune issues, the most common reasons for hair loss in men and women is diet and how you treat your beautiful tresses.

Tammy Smith of sums it up best: “The best way to think of the way hair grows is to picture a garden. How well it grows is completely a result of what is happening underground”.  What’s going on in your garden?   Hair needs certain nutrients to grow and flourish at its peak, namely protein, iron, zinc, beta carotene, Vitamins B6 &12, C, D & E.  A diet rich in these nutrients won’t cure pattern baldness, but can promote hair growth and curtail hair loss.  The same can be said about limiting excessive use of caffeine, carbonated soda, and smoking.

I keep my head shaved bald, but when I choose to grow hair, the noticeable differences that healthy eating & living habits have made are clear.   And no, I haven’t given up on locks……or “finger waves.” LOL.  Here’s a list of foods that promote growth and aid in curtailing loss:


Greek yogurt



Dark green leafy vegetables


Egg white



Bok Choy




Sweet potatoes



Vitamin B supplements

Rosemary oil





½ cup virgin Coconut Oil

4-5 drops Rosemary oil

Melt the coconut oil in a jar, inside of a pot of warm water.  When it becomes liquid, add the rosemary oil; it will become solid again.  Scoop some out, apply to hair and comb through; make sure to distribute it well.  Wrap your head in a wet towel or shower cap and let sit for at least an hour; a couple hours will give you the best results.  Wash and shampoo as normal.  Do this process once or twice a week.


(Woman Eating Healthy Image via Shuttershock)