Now We’re Cooking: Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice

This weekend, we know you’ll be in the kitchen.  That’s why JET cooked up a way to spotlight celebrity chefs from around the country who will stop by and offer some practical advice to help you perfect your dishes and open your eyes to healthy ingredients.  This week, Chef Cordell shares why you want to add this certain spice to your rotation.

cinn nutmeg pic 2

Cinnamon is a necessity of the good life.   As a food ingredient it adds a bold, sweet, but spicy profile, allowing it to work for sweet and savory dishes; mix ½ teaspoon with a dash of nutmeg in your coffee for that “where have you BEEN all my life” moment.   This magic fairy dust also provides a litany of health benefits.  Studies have shown that 1 teaspoon per day can help cure the common cold, ease IBS, extinguish bad breath, reduce bad cholesterol and the risk of colon cancer; the list goes on and on. It’s also HIGHLY recommended for type-2 diabetes as a natural means of controlling blood sugar.  For the icing on the cake, its scent helps boost cognitive brain function.  (So, yes, it can put back what watching reality shows has taken away.)

cinn nutmeg pic 1

Cinnamon sticks can last about a year when stored whole and in a mason-like jar. Once ground, you’ve got 6 months tops.  If it doesn’t smell fresh (or you couldn’t instantly give the answer to 875 + 9,502), it probably isn’t popping like it should be.

More About the Chef:

Chef Cordell passionately pursues educating others how to build healthy cooking and eating habits for life via cooking classes, grocery store tours, kitchen makeovers, public speaking, corporate wellness training, restaurant consulting, etc. Through his nonprofit work, he looks to offer community based solutions for education of,  and access to, healthier food solutions. 

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