This Is Not a Drill: Asos Prices Are Decreasing

The site that has pretty much everything you need for guys and dolls. 

In efforts to keep their brand competitive, ASOS prices will be even lower! This is not a drill, the London based e-commerce site known for hundreds of goodies all priced at like $5 will be even lower and we cannot wait to see how much stuff we can buy online for under $100. Queue the Youtube clothing hauls, it’s about to be SO lit this summer.

There’s no excuse for a good wardrobe, as long as you have an address and you’re nice to your postal delivery person, then you are golden!

This spring, ASOS is giving us all the cool trends, from furry trinket keychains to the boots that every model wears getting out of a black car, they are producing mad stuff. So keep up!

Here are some photos from their spring campaign!