These New Spring Launches Makes Us Want To Almost Workout

Because Kith Women’s Spring collection is everything. 

This spring, the posh factor for workout gear is making us want to almost do a sit-up. Sheer workout gear has never looked so good.

Kith Women

This month, Kith Women released its third collection of women’s athleisure by creative lead Emily Oberg. The collection features mesh and jersey hoodies, muscle shirts, crop tops and leggings.

Photo Credit: Kith

This collection is way too cute to wear to go squat on a sweaty gym wall, right? It seems like workout clothes are getting so alluring, wearing jeans or anything without spanex is just a thing of the past.

And if KITH Women’s leggings are not your style, the brand has also produced a body con asymmetrical skirt that can definitely be worn to brunch or a date at the park.


The collection ranges from $45 to $200 and features some staple pieces that are both washable and easy to maintain.

If the motivation is solely in the clothes, than gosh darnit, bring us the best selection spandx we can sweat in and still look like a million bucks.

Click ahead to see a few other styles that make us want to detour to the gym. 


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