Net-a-Porter Says No To Fur

Well, well, well… 

Net-a-Porter, the retail site known for selling newly released designer goods online, has a new no fur policy across its site and it’s associated sites. This is interesting because almost all of the designer’s it carries use some type of fur. Well, well, well, so the revolution of social business begins.

Why go fur – free now?

Will it mess up it’s overall profit margins? Probably not. Most fashionistas don’t even know the difference between long and short hair fur.  Plus fur garments are hard to maintain with very few furrier in business to help maintain them. Given the fact that many people who buy from the site are newly – acclaimed rich millennials,  Net-a-Porter may be saving everyone involved a few pretty coins on your what could be $1,000 dry cleaning bill. Indeed, fur jackets are expensive to clean and even more expensive to tailor and upkeep throughout the years.


All of the brands from Yoox Net-a-Porter Group, including, the, Mr. and will not sell any fur-based products online going forward. According to, Matteo James Moroni, Head of Sustainability at Yoox Net-a-Porter Group told The Standard UK that “YNAP is on a very important journey towards managing environmental impact responsibly.”

“Our fur free commitment announced today was inspired by a thorough and rigorous educational process with the HSUS and LAV regarding the protection of animal rights.”

No fur policy feedback?

Feedback from the overall fashion business community has been positive. However, is this new policy too drastic? What’s next, no – leather policy? Technically, it’s an exotic animal skin too.

Header Photo Credit: Fendi.Com