You Need To Follow Tai Lopez On Snapchat Right Now

He gives out cash, too.

If you’re growing bored of Snapchat, then you need to follow Tai Lopez.  He raffles off cash and cars for fun.

On the surface, Lopez is one of those social media marketers “who give people the skills” to make money online. Lopez also teaches you how to stunt in life so much that he has become a living meme. He snap chats events like his grandma’s birthday to hanging court side.

Who’s the dude with Kendrick Lamar?

While his level of fame is still growing, he sure does have a lot of celebrity selfies to brag about.

A rags to riches story.

His TED Talk is one of the top 15 TED Talks of all time.

On gold and goal digger

The other day, Tai snap chatted his thoughts on gold diggers and flipped it into how success attracts people in general. Not only is this a great life lesson, it’s definitely something negative turned positive.

Peep his thoughts in the video below.

Follow Tai on Snapchat: TaiLopez