NAACP Campaign Highlights Positive Stats

One recently released public service announcement from the NAACP sheds light on some lesser-known facts surrounding Black men in America.

While many statistics highlight the plight of African-Americans, the civil rights organization chose to focus on the successes.

“I am a statistic. I am the one out of three who will go to college,” says one teenager in the 30-second video titled “Statistic.”

“I am the three out of four who don’t do drugs,” he continues as two other boys recite the next line with him.

As each piece of data is given, the group, which features male students from Medford High School in Massachusetts, grows. They end with, “I have a purpose, and that’s a fact I’m proud of.”

Jack McGoldrick, a Massachusetts-based marketing executive, thought of the concept after he stumbled across some federal statistics gathered by agencies, such as the Department of Labor and Health and Human Services, a couple of years ago.

“The idea came from the recent negative stories with Ferguson and New York and the events that happened that led to ‘Black Lives Matter,'” McGoldrick told the Boston Globe.

He hopes the campaign, presented by the Mystic Valley branch of the NAACP, goes viral and will continue conversations and social movements about race. We do, too!

Check out the PSA below.