No N-Word Challenge: Can You Do It?

Talk about a Black History month challenge.

Ahead of our February commemoration of all things African American, one man is challenging members of our community to delete the word “nigga,” or as we in the media often put it, “the n-word” out of their vocabulary.

Adding to the already daunting dare, Paul Scott aka “Truth Minister,” wants those who utter it to put a dollar in a jar (or bucket) and donate those funds to a worthy youth organization.  (Methinks Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Trinidad James and others would be able to put an entire generation through college with just one of their albums if they ponied up for the cause.)

Read Scott’s entire argument on adopting this challenge HERE.

Of course, there are two camps (and a lot of gray area) with this issue.  Some African Americans believe the word has been co-opted into an affectionate term, and some high profile entertainers have even suggested it is drained of racist meaning.

Others have tried to “bury it,” literally in the case of NAACP.

Regardless, I think we can all agree that it is a loaded term that is still being used by some of its originators for its very ugly dehumanizing purpose.

So, that said:  Would you be willing to take on this challenge this month ?  Let us know why or why not in comments or talk to us about it on Twitter via @getjetmag.






  • jay

    this word has been pissing black people ofd every since slavery. People fight about it, cry about it, hate over it, debate over it, all types of negativity has come from this word that originally didnt even have a negative meaning. White people gave it a negative meaning by using it in a negative context and we have been keeping that negative connotation of it in our minds. The word is not inherently NEGATIVE.

    What are we suppose to do? Get mad over that word until the end of time? Fuck every white person that says it up, unfriend them? What? I have seen white people walk up to a black man and call him nigger just because he knew it would piss him off. And it did. Its to the point where our minds are so fixated on a fucking word that people can literally control us or dictate our actions by simply saying a word and KNOWING we will get mad. A white boy tried that on me one time in my entire life and i just laughed and said "eas that suppose to offend me". When i said that he walked away in shame because that was all he had to tey to evoke emotion out of me and i took that power away from him.

    Words do not just die from the english language king. So we either have to take the power away or continue to let it have power over us and to provoke anger the way it has been for ages now.

    The only way we can take the power away is to allow the word to change back into a positive. There are kids growing up right now, using that word as a term of endearment. I hear white people, latinos, asians etc… call EACH OTHER that word. The only ones keeping the negative connotation of it is the black people that wont let it change because we feel that we would be letting our ancestors down if we did.
    That's all i have to say on it though. Not tryna argue. I'm just tired of it. We're better than this. We're not animals, we dont have to get upset everytime someone calls us a name. We can think, be clever, rise above and evolve. That's what I'm on. Hope my people will join one day soon.

    • jake

      I think you make a lot of interesting and true points about how power is put in to a word and we as people allow it to control our emotions or actions. found your reply helpful

    • Emeka

      This is a self challenge why is the depth of your conversation concentrated on other groups, this is simply a self challenge and should be viewed as such.