Move Over Patti, Aretha Franklin Cooks Too!

“Ms. Patti will have to move that pie to the side,” a laughing Aretha Franklin said when dishing about her new foodie venture to Detroit’s WDIV Local 4 News.

Oh yes! “Auntie ReRe” is stirring up the pot and joining the prepackaged food clan. Pies aren’t on the list, but the Queen of Soul will be offering hearty meals such as her chili, baked chicken and dressing.

She’s also adding her specialty Gumbo!

Patti LaBelle had folks singing their praises over her sweet potato pie and even prompted Steve Harvey to see if his Easy Bacon would gain the same traction. So that’s dessert, breakfast and Aretha coming through with the main course!

Listen to Ms. Frankin discuss her new venture, here!