Motivational Monday: The Supreme Retirement Guide

Get rich or die trying. 

Hours worth of standing in line every Thursday could be actually comparable to watching the online financial markets, says investment company, Wealth Simple. According to their guide, once you buy your Supreme merch, you should invest it for a bigger profit.

Cop, flip, invest

A few weeks ago, Wealth Simple debuted a billboard strategically across from the iconic Supreme store in Soho, New York. The billboard had a few words, “Cop, Flip, Invest,” with a webpage call to action, The billboard is suppose to probe hypebeasts to resell their covetable Supreme merchandise, and take the money to invest in their future.

The resell market is only expanding

Not only is the “Supreme Retirement Plan,” genius, it is more rewarding in the long run. Why store your “cool gear” in a box, when you can make some serious cash!

Essentially, the marketing campaign aims to educate young sneakerheads how these valuable products they are standing in line for every Thursday can be financially beneficial. It’s no secret that the resell industry is expanding by the week as more people feel good about purchasing luxury goods secondhand. As proof from The Real Real, who will be opening a brick & mortar store in New York and has generated over $100 million in profit in 2016, selling your precious belongings online can make you major bread.

Moreover, according to the Wealth Simple’s billboard explanation, the company was inspired by Supreme’s dedicated customer base that is willing to stand in line for hours, every Thursday, for new releases, rain or shine.

“…We salute all the people waiting in line out there on Thursday mornings, but we don’t want you to be waiting in line 30 years from now. We think you should be millionaires instead.”

Wealth Simple not only gives Supreme-fans a guide to buying, they also estimate that the average Supreme hypebeast can profit over $10k per year on sites like eBay that don’t eat up your profit.

Read the full report here.