Motivational Word of the Week: ‘Copious’


adjective co·pi·ous \ˈkō-pē-əs\

-Yielding something abundantly

-Full of thought, information, or matter

-Taking place on a large scale

Have you ever felt like your energy was depleting? Like when you’re extremely hungry or in scenarios where you feel confined? This week’s Word of the Week has many cousins from its synonym family. Bountiful, luxuriant, plenty, galore, and bounteous that define its copiousness are just a few.

As we close out July (7), the month of completion and enter into August (8), the month of new beginnings, let’s corporately stretch ourselves to be in position to receive more, expand more, create more, be and do more. Many times our mindsets, attitudes and perceptions are closely related to our past experiences. They can often make us feel boxed-in, trapped, and unmovable.

Moving forward allows us to release some things to receive some things.

This week, take a few moments to jot down 2-3 situations and or areas in your life that need copious increase. It can be in the areas of finances, relationships, business, community, communication skills, and/or time management. The list can go on and on.

Insert the situation and or area into the below statements and fill in the blanks.

“My____________ is/are overflowing with copious opportunities.”

“My ____________ isn’t barren; it’s full of copious truths and abilities.”

Remember to say what you hear, so you can see, feel and understand what you say.

Affirmation of the week:

“I receive and conceive copious amounts of joy, love, wisdom, prosperity and freedom.”