Motivational Word of the Week: ‘Vital’


vi·tal \ˈvī-təl\

 absolutely necessary or important; essential

Needed by your body in order to keep living

Very lively or energetic

Words indicate intent. Like fresh seeds on fertile soil, our words create things like our mindsets, atmospheres, and destinies.  Many people reiterate in their thoughts destructive words and proclamations concerning the conditions and dealings in their lives, and subsequently, produce undesirable conditions. Words either work to form or demolish.

Changing our personal narrative starts with one positive word at a time. Let this Word of the Week be an asset to your vocabulary resource bank. It is vital that we understand the power of our words.

As we coast through July, let’s make a personal and vital commitment to finding, increasing and intentionally using more positive words in our vocabulary and daily conversations. Why? Studies show by adding and intentionally using positive words, we are strengthening our communication skills, increasing our confidence and decreasing social barriers.

Our words can project the course of our life. Everyday this week make the three steps below part of your daily routine.

  • Daily “Vital” Affirmation: “It is vital that I know that I am loved and my mere presence is a gift made from love.”
  • Daily “Vital” Habit: Lift up your head and hold it high!
  • Daily “Vital” Moment: Intentionally inhale, exhale and repeat the word “Vital” for :60 seconds each day.

Let’s move forward with a new vitality and make an effort to apply these positive steps into our daily lives. Repetition is one way for sure success, and before long it will become a part of you.