Motivational Word of the Week: ‘Radiant’


ra·di·ant \ˈrā-dē-ənt\

– Having or showing an attractive quality of happiness, love, health, etc.

– Bright and shining:

– Emitting or relating to radiant heat

Imagine the happiness and excitement of a person on their graduation day, surrounded by friends, family and peers who are all excited for their new beginning.

Wearing their cap and gown as a signal of progress and elevation, they harbor a glow of enthusiasm that oozes out of their being. It’s evident that they are radiating a happiness that is nearly unspeakable.

Now, imagine if we all made an effort to have those “graduation day” moments in our everyday lives. What I am referring to is not only being radiantly excited for our daily big and small successes, but for those around us as well.

What are three things that immediately put an ear-to-ear smile on your face? This week, whenever you are facing a situation that is smeared with uncertainty, imagine a few mental pictures in your mind of loved ones, memorable moments, and achievements. Whatever those things are, begin to constantly reflect on them.

The radiant memory of those experiences will be the ray of light you need to give you clarity and focus for the present moment. Light can overtake darkness by a simple match, candle or flame, but darkness cannot overtake light. Let’s stretch ourselves to remember, embrace and release those radiant moments; they just may be light for the path ahead.

Affirmation of the week:

“My smile is radiant.”

“My purpose is radiant.”

“This moment is radiant for me.”