Motivation Monday: 3 Skills To Be A #Girlboss And Bad Reviews

Bad reviews will ruin your Instagram store. 

If there are a few things #GirlBoss on Netflix will teach any boss operating in the 21st century, it’s reviews. Besides, Instagram stores are the talk of the internet these days. Get the look for less.

Change your passwords to your dreams.

The new #Netflix show Girl Boss is based off a real story of how Nasty Gal’s founder Sophia Amoruso became successful from selling vintage clothing online. If you never shopped on or read the highly popular book #GirlBoss, it’s not mandatory. But it is inspirational.

What is mandatory is knowing how the internet works when it comes to business, reviews and gossip.

Bad reviews will ruin your business.

In #GirlBoss, the main character, Sophia, walks across the San Francisco Bay Bridge with a dress in a dry cleaner’s bag for a client, all so her business wouldn’t get a bad review online.

We live in a world driven by bad reviews and opinion polls. A single horrible comment will have a negative affect on your future customers and the money you make.

Know Your Business Strategy

As someone in business, you should know where to find your customers and how to keep them.


Be aware of your competition

In fashion, competition is always healthy, but beware of brand copycats.

Ship and deliver on time.

Always deliver your product on time. People will complain and get annoyed if they are waiting for a service they are paying for, time is a luxury.

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