U Can Do It Mondays: Allow Yourself!

“The way we can allow ourselves to do what we need to, no matter what others may say or do, is to choose love and defy fear.” -Martha Beck

Are you terrified of allowing yourself  the right to shine? Are you allowing others to dim your optimistic light? The older we get, the less we allow ourselves to shine brighter, smile more, and receive good things.

But why?

We can become so focused on our 5 and 10-year goals and making others more comfortable to the point that we forget the power of our “now.”

This week allow yourself the grace to “Just do it!” Be the light you’ve envisioned for yourself. Now, be the love you’ve dreamt of receiving. Now, allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to new opportunities and experiences. Now, allow yourself to be open to new friendships, or the simplicity of enjoying silence (something a lot of us are afraid to do).

“Now” spelled backwards is “won.” This week, allow the phrase “U can do it” to permeate your being and ground you in the present. Allow each “now” moment to evolve into continual “won” moments.  Allow yourself to be victorious in every area of your life.