Montel Williams Fights Against Racist Anti-Marijuana Ad

By// Julius Rea

Former talk show host Montel Williams blasted the Family Council Action Committee for their advertisement against Issue 5, an Arkansas medical marijuana act. The advertisement shows an African-American male packaging marijuana with two guns lying on the table.

“Offensive is really an understatement. It’s the most egregiously racist, false statement you’ve ever seen in your life,” Williams told a crowd gathered at state Capitol steps. “They’ve people sitting in a picture holding guns, talking about medical marijuana, and of course they happen to be of different colors to make sure you’re as irritated and angry as you can be.”

[youtube id=Z14t6KtmVLw width=”600″ height=”350″]

Williams has been a guest on several political and health talk shows — like The Dr. OZ Show — talking about medicinal marijuana.

In 2010, Williams was interviewed on medical marijuana when pushing a bill for medicinal marijuana. He has multiple sclerosis — an autoimmune disease which affects the central nervous system — and has been a medicinal marijuana advocate for years.

“Every single day, and I will do so every day until the day I drop dead,” he said. “If I wasn’t being interviewed, I would be outside of here right now trying to make sure I could medicate myself to stop some of this pain.”