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Momprenuer Iasia Smith is Red(d) Hot With Dope Hair

If Iasia Smith has it her way, the entire world will soon be seeing red. Smith, a master hair stylist with over a decade of experience in the hair industry, is the creator of Redd Collection Worldwide, LLC, a hair care brand that recently launched its premiere line, Dope Hair.  Though the products are new, Smith went old school when it came to its creation, using natural and nutrient rich ingredients such as Marula and Argan oils, pro-vitamin B5, soybeans and coconuts. Even better, Smith’s collection doesn’t play favorites when it comes to hair types. Dope Hair products can be used on locked, straight, relaxed or natural hair types.  JET caught up with the successful mompreneur to find out more about what makes Redd Collection’s Dope Hair fresher than the rest.


JET:  You’ve been a stylist for years. Why transition into developing products?

Iasia Smith:  As a beautician, I see a lot of people with bad — split, uneven, and damaged — hair.  My brand is for people with different hair textures and it doesn’t matter if you use color or a relaxer. I want regular consumers to be able to purchase good quality products without paying high prices.

JET:  What’s biggest obstacle you’ve faced trying to start your own hair care line?

Iasia:  I would say the lack of family support was my biggest challenge. People often focus on the financial support, but you also need positive and uplifting energy. Unfortunately, I had to show and prove to people that I was capable of starting this line of products. I was determined to do what I needed to do to get this line off the ground.

JET:  What makes your product stand apart from other hair companies?

Iasia:  My name separates itself from other products because it is straight to the point. The first time consumers can see the product they know what it does — it will make their hair dope. Even if they initially doubt it, once they use my products, they’ll quickly see how it helps manage their hair. The product speaks for itself.

JET:  What kind of research did you do before determining the composition of your products?

Iasia:  When it comes to research, I checked the market to see what needs consumers expressed as being unmet when it came to managing their hair.  I also looked at things like affordability — how could I bring customers more moisturizing products in a line that’s affordable and that they could use at home.  I ended up making Argan, Marula and coconut oils the star ingredients in my line because they soften hair and make it more manageable.  The beard oil is made with natural sweet almond, peppermint oil, and soybean oil.

JET:  Who motivates you to be a Black entrepreneur?

Iasia:  I motivate myself to be a Black entrepreneur.  I’ve seen some things I feel are done wrong in this business, and I’ve challenge myself to do better. I want to create more jobs and guide the younger generation, and help others to start and maintain their own businesses.