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Professional Self-Help for Under $50

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I’ve worked with talented professionals and executives for over 20 years and realized they are able to do a lot of the “expensive” work on their own. Don’t get me wrong, they have needed support with the emotional “heavy lifting” around their challenges, but after they worked through the hard stuff and figured out how to take care of themselves, they were on their way to living a full life!

If you’re looking to maintain your progress or are looking to start your journey, check out these six self-help resources I share with my clients to help them stay the course. As always, reach out to an expert if you need additional support on your journey!

1)   Webinars: Cost ranges from FREE – $500. Webinars are a great way to learn about specific topics and reflect in the comfort of your own home or office.  Simply Google the type of webinar you are interested in attending and see what comes up. There are also tons of free webinars on YouTube similar to the “New Year, New You” I did that focused on how to set and keep your goals.

2)   Online Courses: Cost ranges from FREE – $2,500. Online courses allow you to take learning to another level. With an online course, you are able to explore the topic in greater detail without feeling rushed. Many online courses allow you to go at your own pace, which can be less overwhelming for some. The best place to look is on iTunes as they have tons of courses listed for free!

3)   Books and Articles: Cost ranges from FREE – $45. Books are always great for learning and review. What is even better is nowadays, you can access several dozen books from one device like Kindle or iTunes or Simply Google the type of book you would like to read based on your interest (e.g. depression, social skills) and viola, a ton of options pop up! Many are free, but you also have some great ones that are worth the investment of $20-$30.

4)   Small Workshops/Events: Cost ranges from FREE – $200. Workshops and events are great if you want to learn and socialize with like-minded individuals. You’ll often find experts on various topics presenting in your local area, which can be a score for you! An example is Leading Ladies International in Chicago that hosts an annual event with several experts and speakers who connect directly with attendees throughout the event.

5)   Support Groups: Cost ranges from FREE – $100. Support groups can be open to new members or closed with a focused on engaging the same members over a period of time. Alcoholic’s Anonymous (AA) is well known for those who are recovering from alcohol use and is FREE. There are also groups for divorced women, single men, anger management, etc. Again, a simple Google search will bring up a variety of resources.

6)   Meditation: Cost ranges from FREE – $20. Meditation is a powerful tool for personal introspection. While you can learn to meditate for free by going online and reading articles, free e-books, or downloading a FREE guided meditation, some people do pay to learn how to mediate. They join classes or take trips to various sites around the world. Whatever works for you is what you should try. Your tastes and needs will evolve as you do!

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With love and light …

Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW, CHt.

Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW, CHt.

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