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Lessons Learned: Todd Dulaney

“On our journey, we will have and make many choices. None of our choices are good or bad, because they all lead us to the same lesson. While some lessons are learned sooner than others, each lesson is learned at the perfect time and in the perfect way.” ~Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW, CHt

How many of us get to choose which dream we want to live? Not many. However, former pro-baseball player-turned-gospel singer, Todd Dulaney, was fortunate enough to choose which dream he wanted to live after trying out each option.

Todd played Major League Baseball for the New York Mets, and left that to pursue music. He was a background vocalist for Grammy award winner Smokie Norful, before being promoted to worship leader at his church, and later going solo. After the amazing success of his debut album, “Pulling Me Through,” he was signed to eOne, which houses many of today’s biggest heavyweights in gospel such as Erica Campbell, Jonathan McReynolds, Israel Houghton, and Donald Lawrence to name a few. And now, Todd’s new single, “The Anthem” has just launched.

Todd and I had the chance to catch up and talk about his career and past. He talked about why he left baseball and what happened that made him leave home. The conversation was so powerful that we decided to share the recording of the interview with you and give you a summary in this post.


Todd chose to leave baseball not only because he fell in love with gospel music, but also because felt like he wasn’t good enough to play. It appeared to be divine timing, because he was immersed in the church following his baseball injury.

After he started singing, Todd discovered more of who he was. He started to appreciate where he came from and connected more with the lessons his parents taught him. The most important lesson for Todd came from his parents staying together despite their marital woes–despite his mother having ever reason to leave.

His parents’ commitment to each other taught him how to become a better husband, father, and man. Check out his lessons learned below and his interview.

Todd Dulaney’s Lessons Learned:

1) Never give up. Don’t allow yourself to be defeated. Keep trying until you reach your goals.

2) Be strong and be intentional. Focus your mind and body on what you love and pursue it with all of your heart.

3) Go as hard as you can at everything you do. Give it your all so you have no regrets.

Check out a snippet from Todd Dulaney’s interview below. If you want to hear more of interview, click here and get the scoop.

Todd Dulaney Preview:

A special thanks to Dave Mitchell, CEO & Executive Producer at Renewed Mind Music Group, in Association with Music Box Records.

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