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Lessons Learned: Lalah Hathaway

Lalah Hathaway is an amazing performer and her music touches the hearts and souls of countless fans. The daughter of the late great Donnie Hathaway, it is no surprise that music seems to be programmed into her DNA. I had a chance to sit down with Miss Hathaway to talk about living with intent and trusting her instincts.

Being in the music industry for 25 years, Lalah has found ways to use the medium to heal and inspire herself and others. A very private person, she acknowledges her personal trials and has developed thoughts on trusting your instincts, planting your seeds of greatness, and setting your intention.

As we sat down to talk, Lalah’s energy was warm, focused and excitable. Her eyes lit up every time she talked about music and what it did for her soul and life. You could see her willingness to share her thoughts with others and desire to let her fans know how much she cared about and was fueled by them.

It was truly a pleasure to share in her energy.


On Staying True to Yourself: Trust Your Instincts

I have learned a lot as a Black woman in this business about being honest and true to myself. In order to stay true to myself, I trust my instincts as much as possible. As women, we are conditioned to be “talked down from the ledge” and repress what we know in the moment. I’ve come to trust that it doesn’t matter if my instincts are 100% correct, they are my instincts and I am going with it.”

Lalah’s most impressionable memory of trusting her instincts happened in 2008 when she decided to manage her own career. She had a non-traditional team and began making her own decisions about her life and career, which were typically made “by committee.” “There are always a few people I consult with, my mom being first on that list and then the last after I consult with the rest of my team. After consulting with everyone, I make my decisions and stand by them.”

On Building Confidence: Planting and Watering Your Seeds of Greatness

“Your confidence and belief in yourself is like a seed – you have to plant and water it. You can say what you believe you are all day long and tell people who you feel like you are, but until it takes root within you, it’s not true for you.

For example, I may want to be a ballerina, but no matter how much I say I am a ballerina or how many tutus I have, if I don’t go to classes to learn how to do pirouettes or dance like a ballerina, I’m not a ballerina. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes even I have to fake it until I make it. I don’t feel 100% confident, but I know that once I make a decision, my actions and choices support that decision. The point is you do not need to be 100% certain when you make a decision, but to be in the moment when you do and then move forward.

It’s about knowing that you come from greatness! Your seed is a seed of greatness and you have to water that seed everyday! I’m watered everyday. I’m watered by the people that come to see me and tell me how my music helped them through a tough time or brought back wonderful memories. All of that is water for me and I encourage people to find their water and drink it everyday!”

On Setting Your Intention: Come from a Place of Love

“Your intention is your energetic GPS in that it determines where and how you focus your energy.”  ~Eileen Glenn

“I set my intention to be my best at whatever I do in each moment. For example, when I sing, I show up, am truthful, and in the moment with the people who have come to watch me sing. My focus is to be as great as I can be.”

When Lalah sets her intention, she makes sure she is coming from a place of love. This allows her to come out on the other side of anything that troubles her and helps her to create music that connects with others. “I love the entire experience of music; creating it, listening to it, discovering it, and giving it to other people. Music is like a meditation because it transforms my mood and disposition and is a life enhancer for me.”

Thank you Lalah for sharing your thoughts. We wish you pleasant journeys!

Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW


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