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Lessons Learned: Anthony Elliot

Have you have ever heard of Anthony Elliot? If not, then you’re probably not one of his nearly 700k Instagram followers who love him!

If you take a look at Anthony’s work, you will see why his cuts are such a hit. The Virginia native’s been featured in some of the world’s most popular hairstyle magazines like Vletchen Meet Dan, and is pretty well-known in the hair care industry.

“I don’t make my clients beautiful. I just enhance what they already have,” Elliot says. “I tell them the truth about what is flattering and matches their lifestyle. Every client who sits in my chair knows that I work for them and whatever they need done, I do it.”

However, it wasn’t always glitz and glam for Elliot. Anthony started working behind the scenes and always wondered, “When will my time come?”

As he continued to watch other talented stylists shoot to fame, he started creating videos of his work that included before and after footage. After seeing his work, people began liking and sharing his videos, which garnered him 20,000 followers overnight.

He thought, “Is this all it takes? I had the talent and ability. All I had to do was post a few videos so people could see what I could do.”

This was the moment he realized something big was happening in his life.

“I didn’t come from a wealthy family and I knew I had to achieve financial stability for myself and kids. I didn’t know how to do it or who to talk to, so I had to create opportunities for myself. I was at a hair show and posted some quick videos of hair bobs and realized that this was really taking off.”

But pursuing his passion came at a worthwhile cost. “I had to face my fears and give up sitting in the back row. I would sit in the back row and watch everyone else shine and if I didn’t have to speak, I wouldn’t speak. I stayed in other people’s shadows. My fear of failing robbed me of success. My mentor told me that it was time for me to go solo and do my own thing.” And, what happened after he did his thing for the first time? “I rocked it! What was I waiting for?!”

Anthony has the following tips for people who want to come out of the shadow and rock their dreams of following their passion:

1) Nothing comes to a sleeping being but a dream. Until you get out there, you’re just going to sit and dream about it. You have to put it out into the universe and take a leap of faith.

2) Falling on your face is part of the process. It’s a necessity, a must. You have to fail at something to know what success is.

3) Pace yourself, don’t rush. Focus on one thing first then build that up before you move onto another thing.

Thanks Anthony. Continue to pursue your passion!

With love and light, I hope this has inspired you to come out of the shadows and achieve your potential.

Check out Anthony on YouTube and InstaGram.

Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW

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