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Finishing What You’ve Started

A lot of athletes and professionals ask me, “Why can’t I finish what I’ve started? I begin with a lot of excitement, but then it just fizzles. In the end, I have a lot of ideas and potential with nothing to show for it.”

If this is you, you are not alone. Millions of people struggle with actualizing their ideas and achieving their goals. There is a simple way to address this problem and maintain your success. First, let’s talk about why the problems exist.

When people have a hard time finishing what they’ve started, it’s usually because they lose their motivation as they progress. The reason this happens is because the child in you has lost interest.

At this point, you are probably wondering what I’m talking about so let me explain. Each person has a child and adult that resides inside of him or her, and it is the child that fuels the adult. The child holds the emotions of the body and is thus called the emotional body whereas the adult is the mind of the body and is thus called the mental body.

The mind cannot fuel the emotions because the mind is the doer and the child is the feeler. This is why the child fuels the adult; it is NEVER the other way around. The reason you lose interest in your projects is because the child (the feeler) has lost interest. What typically happens is that the child initially finds the idea fun, but then the mind takes over and makes it work. As soon as this happens, the child abandons the idea and it is left undone, or it is painfully completed.

Without the child, nothing gets done and if it does, it takes forever or lacks excitement. Alone, the adult (or mental body) is dull, mundane, and just goes through the motion of doing. Sound familiar?

Now, in order to keep the child active in the process of creating or actualizing your ideas, it is important to do two things:

1) Connect with the child. The child has often been abandoned or isolated as we get older. They tend to have a lot of fears and negative emotions. Once you help them release what no longer serves them, they can begin anew with sustained excitement.

2) Teach the child and adult how to create together. The child and adult do not trust each other. In order for them to create and work together, there has to be a sense of trust and safety between them. Once they learn this, you will have enough sustained energy and interest to finish what you’ve started!

While this list may seem easy enough to do, it is quite difficult to do on your own. Though it can be done by yourself, it can take several lifetimes to figure it out and another three lifetimes to apply it.

Not to worry, there is a technique that specifically teaches the child and adult how to work together to create the life you want almost instantly. I know because I’ve done the work and so have my clients. I’ve actually had clients turn their lives around in less than a week!

With that said, the procedure is called Yhandi’s Inner Light – or as I call it “Coaching on Steroids.” It’s a 3-4 day procedure that heals and matures the inner child, heals and evolves the adult, creates a safe place for them to work together, and aligns them with your immense and vast potential.

You can learn more about it here on my page or simply do a Google search for certified Yhandi facilitators.

I hope this was helpful. With love and light, I wish you all pleasant journeys!

Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW

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