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Building Real Confidence

I work with a lot of financial traders and one of the most common challenges for new traders is feeling confident in their ability. While there are a few things that are unique to that field, the core of building genuine confidence is the same regardless of your profession.

The following is a synopsis of what successful people do, in one way or another:

1)   Have a goal. What do you want to achieve? This can be long or short term.

2)   Have a plan. How to you plan to achieve it? Breaking down the larger goal into smaller, easier goals/objectives is usually best and easiest.

3)   Try and fail. Take your first step and see how it turns out. Understand that chances are high things will not go according to plan and that’s OK.

4)   Learn from your failures. Just because things don’t work out doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You’ve just learned one or three ways it won’t work. You’ll also have a chance to tweak or make iterations to what you were doing so you can streamline your process or thinking.

5)   Try again. Take those lessons and go back once more. This time, you’ll be smarter and savvier than before.

Each “failure” has the potential to be a building block to your success and help you develop real confidence. The more successful outcomes you have, the more confident you become in your ability to do whatever it is you set out to do.

With that being said, below is the essence of what successful people understand:

1)   They are students of their experience. Successful people are present in the moment and take great care to train their mind to focus. They get into a flow state when they are engaged in an activity. They accept that failure is a part of life and don’t judge themselves for it. Instead, they take responsibility for, learn, and grow from it.

2)   They are 100% responsible for their lives. Blaming is frowned upon. They do not allow themselves to be  victims, even if another person caused the problem. They look at a situation for what it is and respond accordingly.

3)   Failure is not an option. If they run out of options after finding that they are on the wrong path, they understand that everything they experienced needed to happen so they could realize that they are on the wrong path. They are grateful for the lesson and move on to a different path.

4)   Light is faster than sound and thought is faster than light. They know that the mind needs to have something to do or else it is all over the place. They also know that the mind cannot tell the difference between what is or is not real. Because of this, they make it a point to see and feel what they want to create for themselves. This type of guided visualization helps them to manifest and learn more quickly because they stay focused on the goal and committed to the process.

I hope this was helpful! Do you do anything to help build your confidence? If so, do share with me.

Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW

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