Your Mind is Keeping You Broke

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If you want to change your bank account, you have to change the way you think and react to money.

How many times have you bought something or went somewhere you couldn’t afford? There was a nagging thought in the back (or front) of your mind that you tried to silence. You questioned yourself and even looked at your bank account, but you decided to go ahead and make the purchase or take the trip anyway. You rationalized it in your mind because you wanted to enjoy the benefits of an object or experience.

Maybe it was clothing, shoes, appliances, technology, cars, etc. Or, maybe you wanted to go on an outing or take a trip, but you had limited resources. While you were there, you forced yourself to have a good time, but you couldn’t get rid of the dreaded feeling that you were somewhere you really shouldn’t have been, and, to top it off, you have to limit your good time because of what was not in your wallet. In case you are unclear on what I mean by “can’t afford,” I have listed some clues for you.

You know that you can’t afford “the trip” when:

1. You haven’t paid all of the bills that are due.

2. You have to pay for the trip with credit cards.

3. You haven’t planned ahead and saved for the trip.

4. You have to borrow money to go.

If you have done things that you can’t afford, it is time to take a deeper look at your mind money matters.  When you hear or see the word “money,” you experience an immediate reaction. Is the feeling positive or negative? Do you feel excited, afraid, hopeful, motivated, sad, or depressed? The answer to this question could hold the key to where you are right now financially.

It is important to evaluate your money belief system. Your ideas about money hold the key to your money success, because what you think and believe will determine your actions.  For example, if you believe that money is the root of all evil or you don’t deserve to be rich or maybe money equates to more problems, then you will always have problems attracting money to you.

What about your “money talk”?  Just as your words matter when it comes to every other area of your life, they are also critical when it comes to money. Your “money language” is vitally important to your financial success. Think about what you say about money on a daily basis. If you are saying things like: “I am broke,” “I can’t afford that,” or “the government takes all my money,” you are speaking your reality and creating “money energy.”

Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies all react and respond to money. You either attract it to you or repel it with the barriers, consciously and/or subconsciously, that you have in place. When money flows to you, do you in turn move it forward to someone else? Alternatively, do you keep it all for yourself and wait for more to come? When you keep money flowing to others, it will come back to you in greater measures.

You may wonder why some people continue to get wealthy. Many times, it is that they have mastered the success money principles, money knowledge, and the mindset that is required in order to continue to create money flow. To find out steps to create money flow in your life, see chapter 11 in If You are in the Driver’s Seat, Why are you Lost?, A Roadmap to an Amazing Life.

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