Meet The Founder Of The Cozy Girl Squad

Chicks love kicks too! 

By day, the captain of the Cozy Girl Squad, Donette Lowe is a publicist for Hugo Boss, but after business hours she kicks off her heels steps into her favorite kicks. Her squad recently hosted over a hundred cozy gals in Brooklyn for a night of celebrating their favorite kicks while enjoying some special treats. Go inside our conversation.

How was the event? how many people attended?

So, the event was amazing, nothing short of that. It was the brainchild of Ashley of House of Malcolm and myself and it truly came together. On the planning side, there were so few hiccups that I had to be told to calm down during the event, lol. It was absolutely beautiful to see women AND men come out to celebrate the art and women who are a part of sneaker culture. 126 people attended out of the 160 that bought tickets so that’s absolutely a win for me.

Any sponsors?

We did have several sponsors that provided the event with merchandise and products for giveaways. Firstly, Alina’s Liquor in Sunset Park helped make our open bar a possibility. They are a great local business that is family run and literally where I shop in my hood. Millioneiress is a women’s streetwear brand headed by Leah, Base Butter is a skincare company run by She’Neil, Rime NYC is a legendary women’s sneaker shop run by the infamous Sue Boyle, Made by Malyia is an eponymous jewelry brand, and my brand, Cozy Girl Squad, sponsored with some new kicks from Nike. So we had ample support from women-run businesses which was important to us.

Sounds like you had a lot of support! Do you throw a sneaker party for chicks every year?

This was C.A.K.E.’s first year! It was definitely a leap of faith that people would be interested in the event and it turned out so well. C.A.K.E. will hopefully be expanding to some other cities, stay tuned.

What’s the event’s strong message?

Cozy Girl Squad is a lifestyle brand that highlights and unifies women who are a part of streetwear and sneaker culture. When I started it, I recognized that there was limited representation for women who love the culture, but also that there wasn’t a ton of camaraderie. When it comes to sneaker and streetwear culture, women are there, but our perspective and input is not respected. We are treated as if we are only there to appease our boyfriends or our interest in temporary based on the passing trends. While my brand is there for the girls who love this culture and are a huge part of it, C.A.K.E. was a way to showcase that with an artistic flair courtesy of House of Malcolm. So the point of C.A.K.E. was to finally give women space and opportunity to express their love of sneakers and streetwear without having a man’s validation or input, as the industry feels, is constantly needed. It was all about us and our take on the culture through art, music, and entrepreneurship. The take home is that women are just as much a part of sneaker and streetwear culture, as well as our greater culture, as men. Respect our art. Respect our shoes. Respect us.


What’s the community’s hashtag? 

#ChicksArtKicks is the hashtag, based on the acronym for C.A.K.E. (Chicks, Art, Kicks, the Exhibition).

How many pairs of kicks do you own?
Whew! So my collection is weak right now compared to my sneakerhead counterparts. I own like 14-15 pair currently and it’s constantly growing.

What’s your favorite pair of sneakers and why? 
So this is always changing, but I think a steadfast is the Air Jordan 1. Particularly the bred colorway. I was recently gifted a pair, they’ve been a grail (shoe that’s on your most wanted list, sometimes not even attainable) for ages.
View more photos from the event here.