Meek Mill Admits Split with Nicki Was A ‘Loss’

Meek Mill stirred the viral pot when he released his album, Wins & Losses last week. The internet was abuzz after a few tracks appeared to contain shots at his ex, Nicki Minaj.

The 30-year-old “House Party” rapper appeared on Philadelphia’s Power 99 radio station earlier this week to promote the album, and he seemed to be prepared to answer any and all questions about Nicki.

“Let’s get it,” Meek said when asked about the “Right By My Side” entertainer, according to E! Online. “Don’t even take a deep breath if you’re asking a question; it’s easy to answer nowadays.”

When asked to reflect on his relationship of 2 years with Minaj, Meek admitted that the break-up was not a positive moment for his life.

“Of course, breaking up with anyone you love is a loss. Period. Game time. Ya heard? You want me to get up here and make up a lie or something, Kev?” said Meek. “It’s so easy to tell the truth now.”

In January, Minaj took to Twitter to confirm the split. While she didn’t provide an explanation for their break up, rumors of infidelity on Meek’s end started to circulate.

“It was a win. I got Nicki when I was…like, I came up. I always wanted Nicki my whole life. I used to talk Nicki Minaj—remember I had the rap about it? I bagged that. So, that was a win of course.”

And there we have it.