This Meditating App Is The New Green Juice


The fashion and lifestyle industries are using the Stop, Breathe, Think app to zen out like yoga class on a conference call. These days meditating is the new green juice.

Reality Check

According to SBT,  the lowest self -declared mental state is for ladies under 25. But the good news is that it will improve as things like careers, a love life and future start to look like something.

The app works with your emotions. Users are prompted to describe their emotions, then meditate for 10 seconds. After, the apps chooses an meditating activity based on your emotions (which is like 8 minutes or less). After you finish your meditating activity, you are then prompted to check in with your emotions.

When people feel at their best/ worst

January is the month where women 21-30 in our app declare having the highest mental state. September is the lowest.

Days of the week People Are In Their Feelings:

Sunday is the day where women 21-30 feel at their lowest (Sunday blues?). Friday and Saturday at their highest.

SBT‘s overall goal is to allow people to connect with their emotions everyday, track it, and then 5 minutes or less do something about it. They want people to have a healthy relationship with their emotions.

Intentionally cultivating kindness

Over 10,000 people check in to the app daily so there’s a lot of data SBT has under their belt. In general though, kindness really is contagious.

When you’re kind, you inspire others to be kind. Studies show that it actually creates a ripple effect that spreads outwards to your friends’ friends’ friends—to 3-degrees of separation.

You can explore all the activities that include yoga, meditation, and even acupuncture – inspired exercises on the app as well. There’s even desert and rainforest sounds if you want to zen out.

Download here.