Marijuana-themed Cheba Hut Expanding Business

By// Mariah Craddick

Got the munchies? Thanks to an Arizona-based, weed-themed sandwich restaurant now expanding to the East Coast called Cheba Hut, you might be able to get some satisfaction.

After making its debut in 1998, Cheba Hut has grown to include 15 sandwich shops in seven states. Its appeal to the late-night, college stoner has contributed to much of its success, Company COO Matt Trethewey told The Huffington Post. Menu items are named after different kinds of high-grade marijuana (Silver Haze, Kush, Jamaican Red) and sandwiches come in three sizes (Nug, Pinner, Blunt). Drinks on the menu are promoted as “cotton mouth cures” and of course they have brownies.

But do any of the items come with the green stuff? Fortunately (or unfortunately?) they do not contain any actual cannabis, and all “similarities are purely coincidental” according to their menu.

“We’re focusing on college areas,” Tretheway said in regards to their expansion to the east coast. “That’s where the brand is the best fit.”

And it’s a theme that seems to be working. According to The Boston Herald, Cheba Hut made about $10 million in sales last year. Tretheway told the paper he plans to open franchises in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, and Vermont in the near future.