Man Bags That Don’t Scream “I’m A Bag Man”

Photo Credit: Men's Rockd Style

Five ways to wear a low key bag.

The male purse is on the rise to be one of the many efficient accessories added to the male wardrobe. Gone are the days where the pockets were the only resource to carry things in, guys need to carry their live around all day, too! This season, expect to see more daring options when it comes to bags guys can carry and it doesn’t necessarily have two straps and belong on your back.

Leather attaches and small cross body bags are trendy alternatives for the guy on-the-go.

Here are 5 ways to wear a man bag that doesn’t scream, “I’m a bag man.”

The Classic Business Bag

Invest in a leather messenger bag that will hold your important work documents to your everyday essentials- like keys, wallet, wires and other trinkets.

Stain Laurent Leather-Trimmed Nubuck Messenger Bag Photo Credit:

Get this look. Will Smith wearing a cross body Belstaff bag.

On-The-Go Satchel

Photo Credit: Men’s Rockd Style

The Tote Bag

As seen on this men’s style blogger, the tote bag is not just for carrying on your shoulders!

Casual Weekend Satchel

Rapper Lil Uzi Vert is always carry his Goyard bag!

Photo Credit: XXL Freshman Cypher

Adventure Fanny

Celebs are always trying to make the fanny pack cool. Will. I.Am as been seen wearing one on the red carpet, but it’s not really that type of bag. It’s for street style adventure.

Photo Credit: Adam Kataz