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Make Magic with Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Through the dinner preparation, visiting relatives, football and Uncle ______’s excessive drinking leading to embarrassing but hilarious “I remember when…..” stories, you made this holiday work and have a lot to be thankful about….

But after it’s all said and done, people have gone home, the kitchen is back in order and the table cleared of crumbs, only one question remains: How much of this leftover turkey are you REALLY going to eat?  After all the prepping and cooking that you did to get to this point, let’s make this as easy as possible.  The traditional turkey soups, turkey sandwiches, turkey omelets and turkey salads are cool, but here is an idea that may have you gobbling your way through the rest of the bird and other Thanksgiving leftovers:

Turkey Eggrolls

1 lb roasted turkey breast, skinless and diced

Macaroni & cheese, chopped into small pieces

Greens (collard, turnip or mustard), drained well

1 egg, beaten

Cranberry sauce (

12 egg roll wrappers

On medium heat, preheat a half-filled pan with peanut/safflower oil.

Place the turkey, macaroni & cheese, and greens in a bowl; combine well.    In a separate bowl, whisk together 1 egg and 1T of water (this is called an egg wash); set aside for a moment.  On a dry cutting board, lay out an egg roll wrapper; add about 2-3T or so of the turkey mixture to the closest edge to you.  Heat the leftover cranberry sauce and spoon over the egg roll.  Now wet the edges of the egg roll skin with the “egg wash” and tightly roll it up; right before you close it, add a little more of the egg wash to the lip to help it seal.  Cook in preheated oil for a few minutes on each side, or until golden brown; serve immediately.

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