Magician Kenrick “ICE” McDonald Makes History

Internationally known Master Magician “ICE” McDonald will make history on July 3 when he is inaugurated as the first Black president of The Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.), the world’s oldest and most prestigious magic organization.

An award-winning magician, Kenrick “ICE” McDonald has done many stellar performances with grand illusions including doves disappearing and appearance out of thin air.

“It is an honor to be elected as National President and a privilege to take this step into history. My passion for and the belief in the Magical Arts is so strong, that if you were to cut me, I would bleed magic; it’s in my DNA. But the belief in myself to reach this monumental position is greater. I will serve as President with integrity and hard work, which are two pillars of my foundation,” the magician said in a statement.

Founded in 1902, S.A.M. has promoted the ideals shared by magicians like Houdini and more than 47,000 others worldwide who have held membership in the society.

The inauguration will take place at the Grand Renaissance Grand St. Louis Hotel in St Louis.

Watch ICE McDonald in action below!



  • guest

    Congratulations, Mr. K. (ICE) McDonald on your elected post as President of: The Society Of American Magicians. This is a well deserved post due to all of your dedications and contributions to the world of magic. I am sure it is a post that you will serve well. I have been doing magic now for 45 years and have and still is enjoying every minute performing. As a shy young boy, the discovery of magic opened up new doors for me. It has helped me in many different ways. Now at the age of Fifty-two. I have decided to start a collection of the world's Black magicians for historical data. As a black magician myself, I have decide to do this project because so little history (in my opinion,) is known about black magicians yesterday and today to the public. I would like to include you in this project. Thank you and be well.

  • Awo Oluwole Ifakunle

    It is truly overdue for Black magician to get some recognition. Let us take note of the gaterest magicians known to human existence were African spiritual priest. Hoewever, little is really known about the many many black magician who are performing and entertaining their communities like the great Black Herman. He was so hated because of his wealth that they made his house disappear in Harlem on 136th Street. Even the story of Harry Potter is one of the son of a famous black magician know as Potter in the turn of the 20t century. I am a magician. I am a priest. I am so proud to live in a time that Ice Mc Donald has received his due for holding the course and maintain the ancient art form.
    Oluwole Ifakunle Adetutu