Macy’s Fashion Fair Counter Upgrade

The Fashion Fair counter in New York’s Herald Square is getting a facelift. On Wednesday, the 30-year-old counter at Macy’s will now appear as a “store within a store” with additional amenities such as a custom-blending foundation bar.

“We are creating a whole environment for the brand, said Johnson Publishing Company CEO Desiree Rogers. “From video to product, to displays, to the music, you will be enveloped in the new Fashion Fair brand.”

The previous 12-foot space has been expanded to 350 feet and modernized with uses of white lacquer, chrome and glass. The custom blending foundation bar will offer customers a personalized consultation and provide them with the perfect foundation to match their skin, even if that means creating a custom blend. “We don’t want anyone to be turned away because we cannot match her complexion,” said Rogers.

The new counter coincides with the Macy’s store redesign that is currently under construction. Over the summer, Fashion Fair plans to update most of its remaining 561 counters worldwide.

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