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Get Yo Life: How to Master the $20 Date


You don’t have to be a baller in order to impress your crush. These days most people—or at least those who have sense enough to look beyond the surface—need more than flash and funds to hold their attention anyway.

In 2017, saving and investing at an early age is the legit thing to do, and while it might not be the best idea to pursue a relationship if you’re flat broke and unemployed, you don’t have to blow a check on your crush to prove your love. In fact, all you need is $20. Here’s how to make it work.

1) Have great conversation.

You can be chilling on a yacht in St. Lucia while being fed fresh fruit by a servant, but if your conversation’s not hitting on anything, then trust … she’s just there for the ambiance. Being personable might not guarantee chemistry and/or a solid connection, but it certainly will make you good company. Whether you’re on your way to the islands or somewhere that serves the two-for-$20 special, make sure you can engage your date enough so she won’t slap you in the face.

2) Tap into your creativity.

Getting to know someone face-to-face from jump is usually the best way to determine if you’re compatible, but in this day and age, that’s less likely to happen. If you’re going to use cyberspace to get to know a potential bae, then make sure you are asking the right questions and listening to what she is saying.

3) GroupOn and Living Social are your friends.

Look, anyone who sweats you over using a discount on a first date is tripping! If anything, she should give you kudos for knowing how to save money. Being cheap is one thing, but being money conscious is another, especially when it comes to spending for consumption versus conserving.

To sum it up:

You don’t need a lot of money to have a quality date.

$20 outings help you to focus on the person versus the activity.

Don’t date anyone who trips over you being money conscious.

Happy dating.