A Look Back At J. Crew Under The Former Creative Director

The Jenna Lyons is “the woman who dresses America.” 

Just recently, the fashion industry learned that famed creative director and fashion insider Jenna Lyons will be leaving her post at J. Crew after spending over 15 years with the company. She started her career as a designer, hired to re-construct the Rugby shirt, then went from VP to Creative Director to President of over 100 designers in less than a few years. She is credited for establishing and forming J. Crew’s “Style Guide,” where she turned the preppy brand press releases and catalogues into a magazine type of format, and she is also credited for challenging the femininity in work and casual wear.

Here is her preppy style guide:

The Cardigan

We will credit J. Crew for keeping the cardigan afloat and relevant in fashion. J. Crew is literally synonymous to cardigans and cool knitwear.

Layered Collared Shirt

This trend is possibly one of J. Crew’s top style moments. Layering a button down collared shirt under a cardigan or a tee shirt is truly a reflection of Jenna Lyons.

Flirty Trousers And Cool Cargos

You can’t go wrong with a pair of printed trousers for work. The cargo pant basically got its sexy back under this brand, though some of us wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair. The advertising and marketing associate or overall young person with a career shops at J. Crew. It’s the career store. Side note: Over the years, the prices have increased dramatically!

Home Of The Chunky Necklace Trend

J. Crew is home to the chunky necklace trend. Way back in history,  your grandma wore a bunch of chunky jewelry and it was sort of deemed tacky and from the 80s. Then J.crew under the direction of Jenna Lyons made the whole fake chunky necklace trend cool again for casual dressing.

The Ballerina Flat

The working girl’s ballerina flat has also been a hit at J. Crew.