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I am Digital: True Love … on LinkedIn?

Download this information: I Am Digital founder Mike Johns talks tech every Tuesday in our newest series.  Today, he tackles finding love on LinkedIn.  Let us know what you think of his revelations in the comment section.  

From nightclubs to bars – even to sacred spaces of worship – we know most of the traditional pit stops on the road to true love. However, now that we’re firmly entrenched inside the digital age, times and people have changed. Twentysomethings are turning to the Internet to find mates, frequenting online dating sites like eHarmony, Match, ChristianMingle and others as online dating becomes the new normal.

After all, when opportunity meets need, innovation and improvisation are guaranteed. After just a few short years, there is an online dating site for everyone — and we do mean everyone. According to research from the University of Rochester, online dating is now the second-most popular way to start a relationship, coming in only after meeting through friends. As a result, research group IBIS World projects that revenue from online dating will hit a whopping $2 billion by the end of 2013.


Let’s take a minute and break down the numbers for a pair of the most popular (and expensive) sites. The cheapest month-to-month subscription on is $18 per month for six months (or $108) — and that’s just the basics. Want to try out for just a month? That’ll be $36, thank you. Or you can spend a month checking out eHarmony’s 20 million registered users for $60. Otherwise, the site’s value plan, a 12-month subscription, will set you back about $240.


“I must confess. It’s a turn-on to find a guy with a good job. You can see his whole bio and get a feel for what the person is about using LinkedIn,” says Jasmine, a regular who works as a marketing and media specialist in New York.

“It’s easy to connect with the opposite sex when you’re working in the same profession. I never saw so many hot chicks that work in technology,” says David, a social media and digital content strategist.  “You can find the hottest chicks on LinkedIn, it’s better than paying into an online dating site,” he goes on to say.


The number one thing LinkedIn has going for itself is the client’s ability to see a potential match’s profession and bio. If the potential match has other social media plugged in to their LinkedIn profile page, you can get an even better view of the person. And, while online dating sites rely on complex compatibility algorithms, LinkedIn plays by the age-old rules of the hunt — like an ultra-cool virtual game of “Hide and Seek.” Meanwhile, online dating sites are almost entirely self-directed; everyone who pays a monthly fee to find a mate knows what they’re there to do. I’ll take true love; hold the mystique, please!

LinkedIn reports more than 225 million acquired users in more than 200 countries and territories — each of them eagerly waiting to meet you. Yet, what makes LinkedIn revolutionary is its ability to provide a user-friendly platform and anonymity. With relative ease, any of us can make contact with people we don’t know without so much as a hint of pretense. Just log on, search for your significant other on the sly, and watch one thing lead to another. “LinkedIn holds great promise for helping adults form healthy and supportive partnerships,” suggests sex expert Leigh Van Der. “It’s the adult version of Facebook.”

Would you use LinkedIn to find love?

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