3 Benefits of Financial Improvement

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In a busy life, it’s easy to get swept away with day jobs, getting a venture off the ground or with scouring the Internet to find the absolute best place to get curry tofu on a Friday night.

Similarly, it’s easy to take the “good enough” approach to finance. You know, taking a look at accounts and thinking, “Hmm . . . well, I think everything is OK?

Without difficulty you can put off or completely avoid the evaluation of your financial situation. It can be time consuming, boring and frustrating, and the fact is that most people drift along. However, without knowing it, you’re reducing your quality of life by not putting in a little extra work.

Normally, you don’t pair mindfulness meditation with finances, but here are some benefits of doing so.

1. You will reduce anxiety.

Without a doubt, financial worries can cause tons of stress. Meditation and mindfulness have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Just 10 minutes a day can have a positive impact on your overall happiness and ability to focus. Even if you don’t have outstanding money problems, you will have peace of mind if you know exactly where you stand financially. Extra worries won’t be floating around your head, distracting you.

2. You will become more goal-oriented.

Beyond being less anxious, you will see openings for new opportunities.  The organization it takes to get finances in order will allow you to see your strengths and weaknesses more clearly. When you see the numbers are right in front of you, you will see how you can optimize.  You can set financial milestones and create a timeline to reach them.  You can know quantitatively if you’re on track, or if something is off the mark.

Mindfulness provides a quiet space where you can listen to your inner voice.  Independent of what others in your life desire, the practice allows you to focus on what you want your future life to look like. Meditation is where your goals and visions can take shape.

3. You will reach your goals faster.

Again, mindfulness and finance work as compliments here: (A) mindfulness is a tool to focus your goals to stay rooted in your own desires and dreams (B) solid finance will help you make more educated choices in how you use your money.

Whether you want to get rid of outstanding debt or grow your business, you can set the bar higher and reach it faster.  Strategy and control over your emotions are some of your most important tools.

The Bottom Line

Simply put, if you’re not connected with yourself and not on top of your money game, you’re not doing the best you can.  Mindfulness is an indispensable tool to self-awareness and a calm mind.  Solid finance helps to set your goals in focus and can help to drive your ambitions. Basically, finance and mindfulness will make you more accountable and your dreams can be put in a much clearer perspective.


Dr. Roshawnna Novellus – Wealth & Mindfulness Multiplier, Business Strategist, and Author of “Budgeting is More Liberation than Limitation,” uses smarter financial decisions, mindfulness, compassion, entrepreneurship and fitness to create a fabulous life. At her financial firm, she provides high level financial guidance and business strategy planning to businesses. Her brand, The Wealthy Yogi, provides books, workshops, yoga classes, mindfulness retreats and easy advice to individuals seeking intentional personal success. For more, visit, connect on LinkedIn or follow on Instagram at @WealthyYogi.