5 Ways to Put Your Portfolio Online

LinkedIn isn’t the only way to let employers know what you’ve been up to. If your work is creative in nature, requiring you to share videos, photos and articles, then here are a few resources that can let you showcase your skill set and help your resume come to life–even if you don’t know how to build a website.

1. Pinterest – Most people think of cute memes, not employment opportunities, when Pinterest comes to mind. But don’t be fooled. Pinterest can be used for more than just pinning recipes, home decorating tips, and wedding ideas. You can also create boards solely dedicated to your professional work. Of course, it’s a great place for photographers and graphic designers, but those in the visual fields aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Pinterest. A seamstress can post examples of her work or a make-up artist can post faces he’s designed. Pinterest even allows you to pin videos from sites such as You Tube and Vimeo, so dancers, actors, and directors can showcase their talent all in one spot.

2. Pathbrite – Imagine being able to access your entire career in a moment’s notice. Pathbrite, an e-portfolio platform, not only does just that, but it also helps you to learn from your education, work and extra-curricular experiences in a fun and visual way. The platform creates a digital story of your lifetime achievements. Users can begin to upload test scores, art work and presentations as early as elementary school. Pathbrite considers these elements to be a person’s digital artifacts. Even authenticated diplomas, transcripts and certificates of completion are available to upload directly from certain institutions of learning. This content will be available from high school to college and throughout your entire career, and can be shared for admission into college or with employers.

3. Prezi -You are probably familiar with Microsoft Powerpoint. Prezi is basically Powerpoint on steroids, because while you’ll probably never email a powerpoint presentation to a hiring manager, sending him or her a link to your Prezume is way more practical. The presentation can help you express your career visually. So, for example, if you were the chief sales officer at your company, instead of a bullet point buried on your resume that explains how you increased sales at your company by 58 percent you can illustrate and animate this fact to show just how huge that sales growth actually was in comparison to how other companies performed. The user interface is easy and Prezi gets you started with three easy templates.

4. – Sometimes you just need to get an interested recruiter to walk in your front door. Don’t make them work for it. is the perfect place for potential employers to find everything you need them to know about you all in one spot. Plus it allows you to literally put your best face forward with a photo that expresses your personality. It’s the next best thing to meeting you face-to-face. Here is where you can concisely explain your objectives or goals statement, link to your bio, and explain what you’ve done, what you plan to do, and what you want to do. It links back to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Prezi, or whatever e-portfolio site you want people to visit and it offers your contact information. It’s the perfect catchall.

5. LinkedIn Professional Portfolio – This recently launched service in collaboration with Slideshare allows you to do most things the above sites do and with stunning imagery.

Take a look at them all and figure out what best suits your needs. Let us know what you think.