Lavonte David’s Fit Playlist

With Summer around the corner and the NFL season nearing, my workout motivation is at an all-time high.

But if you don’t have someone pushing you to go to the gym, it can be tough to find that drive. I love music because it helps me to focus, get in the zone and power through what is in front of me both on and off the field. On those days when I’m struggling to find workout inspiration, it is always good to have a solid playlist on hand to give me an extra push. I am usually a Hip-Hop and R&B kind of guy, but every once in a while you can catch me grooving to some oldies and maybe even a little Beyoncé.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s playing in my headphones before a game or a workout, I’m sharing my current must-have songs to get you in the zone. I have a little bit of everything on here, so enjoy!


1. My pre-game song is…Future: “Wicked” (NSFW)

2. An album that I can’t put down right now is…Chris Brown: “Royalty”

3. When we win I’m bumping…Future: “Seven Rings”

4. My favorite song to run to is…Fat Joe/ French Montana: “All The Way Up”

5. A song people would be surprised I listen to is…Justin Bieber: “Sorry”

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