Lance Gross Presents GreyScale

Scrolling through Lance Gross’ Instagram, you certainly expect to see behind-the-scenes images of TV and movie sets.

Surely, you’ll come across a promo poster for a current acting gig or even a script with highlighted areas every now and then. But what this actor and heartthrob really wants you to zoom in on are the images he captions: “My camera on (insert model or celebrity—some well-known, others not).”

This is the other side of the man known for his role as Calvin Payne in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne or Marcus Finley in Crisis, to name a few. This is his latest role: photographer hobbyist.

“Photography, for me, it’s like my therapy,” Gross explains of his self-taught craft. “It’s something that I do when I’m on hiatus from working and something I feel like I own completely. As an actor, I’m still working for somebody else. It’s not completely mine.”

lance grossOn Aug. 16, Gross’ dream to showcase his photography in an actual exhibition came to fruition and GreyScale was publicly introduced via a private event in West Hollywood’s Siren Studios. With nearly 35 art works, the aesthetic—shot in black and white—showcased portraits of darker-toned African-American women, captured in their comfort zones.

“I feel like there’s sort of a void when it comes to African-American models,” Gross says. “I mostly shoot women, but I thought it was important to showcase darker-toned women because I’m a darker-toned man and it’s something that I appreciate. I was picked on as a child for being so dark skinned. So I just wanted to celebrate it.”

The pieces exhibit the beauty of women and are available for viewing and purchase  via And for more, just keep your eyes on his Instagram.

(Photo credit: Nate Hoffman)