Kevin Liles Hosts Back-to-School Event

Starting out as an unpaid intern with Def Jam Recording studios is where it all began for former president Kevin Liles, who continued to climb the ladder until he took leadership of the company in 2005. The Baltimore native says his world experiences made him want to give back to the community and help expose youth to opportunities they might not get otherwise.

Putting on a back-to-school festival for the second year is just one of the positive things he’s doing to show love for his home city. Kevin Liles For A Better Baltimore Foundation, Inc. will give out more than 5,000 backpacks with school supplies, offer free haircuts and on-site immunizations. There will also be games and, of course, live entertainment. The festivities will go down at Security Square Mall in Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday, August 24th from noon to 4 p.m.

The philanthropist and motivational speaker has worked with everyone from Jay Z to Ludacris to Ashanti. He recently told JET why parents should bring their children to the event and even offered some inspiration for young people trying to make it to his level.

JET: Well first, why should people come?
Kevin Liles: I want everyone to get back into themselves, shake off the summer worries, shake off the laziness, get back to being a better you and start your year off right, with a healthy mind, healthy body and making healthy choices.

JET: Why did you feel the need to create this event. I know there are similar events in neighboring areas.
KL: I wanted to create something every year that was an opportunity for people to forget about what happened last year, so everyone can get geared up for the next school year.

JET: Nice, good stuff. So I have to ask, what advice do you have for those people aspiring to make it big in life?
KL: I believe in myself; therefore, I am who I believe myself to be.

JET: Great, and how do you define success? What does it look like to you?
KL: Success means freedom, freedom to work with the people you want to work with, freedom to do what you’re passion about, freedom to spend time with your friends and family, and freedom to innovate.

For more information on his foundation, visit here.