#KemCents: How to Create a Side Hustle

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In these days and times, everyone is looking for a way to really stretch his or her dollar.  So often, we look for ways to trim our expenses but rarely do we seek ways to boost our income!

If you really want to make a change in your finances, you simply have to create a side hustle! So where do you begin?

First things first: It is important to get an understanding of what you are great at.  Is photography your thing? What about makeup? Can others utilize your consulting expertise?

If you are not quite sure exactly what you are good at, ask yourself:

What do I enjoy doing?

What services or products can I provide that can generate income?

What do others say I am great at?

After you have identified your God-given talents, it is now time to get to work.

1. Create a plan. Remember, your plan does not have to be complex.  Simply identify your ideal clients, the services you desire to offer and your required price points.

Be sure to identify opportunities that can utilize your talent.  Search freelancer and job sites to find contract work, such as  Throughout your search, don’t despise small opportunities. Remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight and the same holds true for building your side hustle.  Small opportunities may grow into marketing your brand, or creating partnerships to help grow your business.

2. Stay dedicated. The key to really growing your passion is staying committed and dedicated day in and day out.

Selecting a time daily where you can work on your projects can help eliminate distractions and keep you focus.  This may require waking up earlier to work on a project or staying up past your usual bedtime. Also, it is a good idea to select a place in your home or at work where you can work in the same space daily.

3. Make the right connections. Finally, throughout the entire process, connect with others who are pursuing similar goals or who have achieved your desired goals.  Do your homework and reach out to others within your field.  Join groups where you can network and connect with like-minded individuals.

Also, consider connecting with others virtually via Twitter and LinkedIn.  Making the right connections can help you learn from others who have traveled the road before you.

Remember: your choice, your future!

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