Kanye West Deleted All His Social Accounts #PrayforYe

The digital detox is real.

This just in, Kanye West deleted all his social media accounts and has official ghosted. Since he checked himself into the mental ward of a Los Angeles hospital in November 2016, some shady stuff has happened

He went blond.

Like Brittany Spears, he cut all his hair off and went platinum. We saw him in talking to our now populist President with miniature hands Donald Trump and we’ve heard things about him on Keeping up with the Kardashians.  Now, TMZ has reported he has gone to the mountain tops of Wyoming, where no black people have ever gone before.

It’s digital detox season.

Kanye West hasn’t even been on social media for two seconds and he’s already deleted his social feeds. We will miss his rants and raves. However, everyone needs to digital detox sometimes. Even if it means going to a place that intentionally has shitty wifi service.

Click ahead to see some of Kanye’s EPIC tweets. 

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