Tales From a 99 Day Juicing Challenge – Part 1

Ever wonder what it’s like to go on a juice fast? Welp, writer Darralynn Hutson embarked on a 99 day journey and shared her story. Check it out!


By Darralynn Hutson

No alarm clock rang this morning, yet I jumped up at 4:30am bursting with energy. The same aches and pains but less in some way. My first act of the morning, pop open that fresh bottle of cold water….ahh. I have to keep it in my head that something done for 21 days becomes a habit. So they say. I cross my calendar in purple marker, indicating that I just completed day 6 of my juice fast. Going six days without eating will really bring some insight to your life. “Why?” Most people give that response when I tell them that I’m juicing and withholding solid foods for a long period of time. The next response, “Is that healthy?” I’ve learned to never really challenge people on the way that they eat or the definition of what is “healthy”, especially my circle of family and friends. For me, I needed to change my life. Yes I want to shed 100 lbs off my frame so that I can move like I believe I want to move. For me, it’s more that that.

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