Jopwell Headshot Tour Helping Minority Students

Jopwell, aka the LinkedIn of diversity hiring, is continuing to assist people and businesses of color in the professional realm.

On Friday, the company will kick off its first-ever National Headshot Tour, offering free professional headshots to underrepresented ethnic minority college students.

According to a press release announcing the tour, 60 percent of all employers use social media to research job candidates. In fact, social media profile pics can boost one’s chances of being interviewed by 40%.

“Across social media and digital networking groups, headshots are important for all undergraduates entering the job market,” said Porter Braswell, CEO and co-founder of Jopwell. “As the diversity recruitment and hiring platform connecting Black, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American job seekers with today’s top employers, we feel it’s important to help the professionals and students in the Jopwell community get the information and tools they need to be their best professional selves. That includes high-quality, professional headshots for those who want them.”

Digital headshots have become a staple of candidates’ social media profiles, and as a result, concerns regarding an increase in racial biases in the hiring process have surfaced.

A National Bureau of Economic Research study revealed that candidates with “white-sounding” names can yield the same number of callbacks for a job as someone with an “African-American sounding” name with eight years additional work experience would.

“While Jopwell is for diverse professionals and students at all stages of their careers, we decided to focus this tour on students with the hope of making undergrads feel more excited and prepared for their internship and job searches,” adds Ryan Williams, president and co-founder of Jopwell. “We understand that a professional headshot might be far down the list of priorities for a graduating senior, not to mention that professional photography can be expensive and hard to arrange. Our goal with this tour is to help democratize quality headshots and spread awareness of their impact.”

Jopwell’s National Headshot Tour kicks off on Sept. 23. It will bring professional headshot photographers to select college campuses in LA, Boston, New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. Students at colleges and universities at any of the six cities on the tour can sign up for a headshot here.

For more information on Jopwell, check out this profile on the company.