This Atlanta – Based Jewelry Designer Creates From Her Family Heirlooms

Something for your Mother to adore. 

Atlanta-based jewelry designer Sasha Flynn launched ADORE ADORN out of decades worth of inspiration from her aunts and her family heirlooms. As the daughter of a jewelry store owner in Kansas City, Sasha was inspired with all the jewelry she grew up wearing and maintaining, she decided to create her own.

ADORE ADORN is a homage to the vintage jewels passed down through my family. The Jewels Collection is a mix of bohemian and classic styles that can be worn daily and make a statement by themselves. Just in time for Mother’s day, JET talks to the designer about her new collection and why her mother inspired her so much. Go inside our conversation.

JET: What made you get into jewelry designing?

SASHA FLYNN : I have always appreciated accessories. When I was 19, my mom started a jewelry resale company called, Jewels by Jewels. She offered me the pleasure to help her as a buyer. For years, we did all of our buying in New York City and she took it back to Kansas City, MO for her shop. That was probably the beginning of my bug. Over the years, I’ve collected many pieces from my aunts, mom and grandmother. They were either passed down or I begged to have them. As some have passed on, I wanted to find a way to memorialize what they meant to me. I think artifacts such as jewelry are an excellent way to do that. We tend to hold on to things sometimes even longer than distinct memories. I wanted to connect the dots. I wanted things to be memories, and I wanted to hold on to these special people in my life forever. Gone or here, I don’t want to forget what they meant for who I am today, as a creative entrepreneur living a bold and free life—just as I remember them.

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You said you are inspired by the women in your family… what are some of the most memorable pieces the women in your family have worn and to where? 

I distinctively remember that the jewels were always larger than life and full of personality. My mom wore a lot of bling, while my other aunts may have chosen quirkier pieces that were unexpected, such as insect brooches. Their personalities were even more distinct than what they wore. They were all artists, designers—creatives of some sort. They inspired me from early on to look at the world differently, even if that meant being the oddball in the room.

What was is the most memorable piece you acquired from a family member?

 My favorite aunt, Missy, was killed unexpectedly in a car accident when I was 16 years old. I was devastated.  I think my family always knew how much of an influence she had over me—especially through fashion and style. They decided to give me the very ring that she wore every single day. It was a thumb ring… not real, just significant. I remember that I always wore 4-5 gold rings at a time and I was so excited to add this silver thumb ring to the mix. I’m sad to say that this ring was stolen a few months later.

Medallions are trending, tell us about the process of making the REAVA? 

Without getting way too deep with this answer, I can simply say that it was created out of integrity and dignity.  I created the FACES line because I wanted to pay homage to our culture— while playing off of a visual playbook that we already speak to. The medallion is supposed to be big, bold, and in your face. It’s offered in 14K Gold and I will be blinging it out in jewels in REAVA 2.0.  When someone wears the FACES collection—male or female—they are dignifying women, particular ethnic women. I think that’s a beautiful statement.  

Who are your muses so far?

My muses are women. All of them. Every single color, ethnic and national origin. I grew up with 8 aunts and was raised by a single, working mom.  I just have the fondest memories of these maternal figures in my life that always made me feel comforted and full and whole. That’s who I design for. Making the world beautiful, through the eyes of women. Who do I think embodies the Adore Adorn spirit right now? I stalk a few dope women on IG that I would love to be a part of my brand, like Yara Shahidi, Alex Ell and Issa Rae, to name a few. 

Describe your ADORE ADORN.

It’s simply designed with the past and the future in mind.  The jewelry is designed with substance, always paying homage to someone who came before me. It’s celestial and speaks to the ancestors. 

I developed this brand mantra as something that I always wish to work towards and encourage my community to do so as well. I’m here to inspire, provoke, and inject love and beauty into the world. 

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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