JET Daddy: Meet Ramel Crawford

Credit: Thinkstock

Black fathers.  They do not get the respect they deserve in our society, though statistics show they are just as, or more, involved in their children’s lives as their counterparts from other racial backgrounds.  But don’t just review the numbers, check out some of the dads JET is profiling in what we hope to become a recurring feature: JET daddy.  We are looking for pops that live for their kids and vice versa.

Courtesy: Ramell Crawford

First up is Ramel Crawford, a father so special that he has his adorable, nearly two-year-old daughter  Skylar jumping like a jellybean nearly every time he comes home from work.  The too-cute display, captured one day on camera, has earned over a  half million views since it first hit the Interwebs in mid-October on YouTube and WorldStar Hip Hop combined.  Check it out here, and go see a cardiologist if this doesn’t warm your heart.

JET contacted Crawford about this daddy-daughter delight and here is more about their special relationship.

Name: Romie Rome (nickname) Ramel Crawford

Age: 24

Hometown: Kansas City

How did you capture this moment?   “Honestly, it wasn’t planned.  I got off work and got out of the car, and I saw her mother recording it.  Skylar is funny.  She does random things but she is always very excited when daddy comes home. This was not the first time.”

What was your reaction to the video going viral? “I really was shocked.  I didn’t expect that.  My girlfriend posted the video.  We always post videos of her and she is always active, doing something.  But the video went crazy.  We posted it on about October 15 or 16.  The day after,  I woke up and it started blowing up.  We had thousands of views.  The next day it was almost to a million.  It’s very unexpected.”

You two must be having some serious fun if she is that excited to see you. What fun things do you together?  “Everything, I take her out to eat, to the park and try to do different things to get her to learn.  She’s very smart.  If she gets your phone, she’ll try to take pictures and record herself.”

What do you hope to get out of this video now that it’s been so widely viewed:  “A lot of Black fathers are not thought to be in their children’s lives.  People think we don’t have that connection with our children.  That’s the main reason I think this video blew up so big.  I hope it will have a big impact on Black men and their daughters.  A lot of people downgrade Black fathers and it can be unfair, but if there is a dad out there who isn’t in his kids’ lives, maybe seeing this will make him think about that and do things differently.”

The holidays are coming, and clearly, Skylar is more in love with you than she is Santa, but what will you have under the tree for her this year?  “Me and her mom were going to buy her a tablet made for little kids.  We want her to learn and continue to grow.”

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