Why Are Instagram Boutique Prices Higher Than Nordstrom’s?

This one meme has been making its way to multiple IG timelines.

The Instagram Meme

Is it true? Are the majority of Instagram boutique prices truly higher than Nordstrom’s, a giant retailer with stores across the US? Perhaps, but you can’t blame small businesses for charging the maximum for the cost of labor, the cost of production, packaging and shipping. When all things are considered, in order for the Instagram boutique to make a real profit, charging above the margin is necessary. This could translate to a $65 “unique” tee shirt or a $200 basic jumpsuit. Here are some reasons you may want to shop at Instagram boutiques on Instagram and still be willing to pay higher costs for the clothes.

Brand Loyalty

You feel connected to the brand so well because the owner is a lifestyle blogger or an influencer you have “known” for years. When Heather Sanders from launched her Instagram boutique (and then a brick and mortar store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles), her fans adored her for her gritty realness, chic style,  and her goal-worthy relationship with one of the rappers from Tyga’s group “Last Kings.” With thousands of followers on social buying items straight from its timeline,  SoSorella’s clothing and accessories range from $15 to $200. A hoodie is like $60, which is pretty much the same price as Nordrstrom’s, but because you are supportive and loyal to the brand, you don’t mind paying extra.

Social Media Recognition

Let’s be for real, it is cool to wear a unique brand that will actually retweet your #OOTD on their Instagram store’s page to their thousands of followers. thrives on their influencer and top customer affiliate program.

They fit your body type better.

Photo Credit: Fashion Nova/Instagram

Instagram stores are thriving because they are offering a better fit and style for the curvy girl body type.  Fashion Nova swears by their their custom fit jeans that are made in Los Angeles and made for the girl with extra shape.

They take runway trends and celeb style and make them faster and cheaper.

Photo Credit: Simmi Shoes/ Instagram

Fact: The fashion industry thrives off of a few top fashion houses in Europe and a few A- List celebrities. who dictate what’s cool and hip Small Instagram boutiques are great at quickly producing micro trends clothing, especially in the footwear category. Simmi Shoes is the perfect Instagram store to buy cheap, comfortable and chic shoes! Everyone’s been wearing the “Lucite shoes strappy sandal heels” these days. Get the look for less than $50! Yeezy’s go for over $800.