“I Love Black Women” Founder Speaks

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Let’s face the ugly truth.

The mainstream media is not kind to Black women.

We’re portrayed as loud, aggressive combatants on a number of reality TV shows. Some of us are seen twerking for our supper on social media sites.  And in a seeming epidemic, we’re  inundated with advice from single male celebs and everyday schlubs on how we can humble ourselves and finally land a man.


That’s why I am not mad AT ALL at the impending launch of a new dating site: I Love Black Women.

Though some have decried it as fetishist, the site actually aims to make race less of a factor in making match-ups,according to emerging entrepreneur Anthony Robinson.

The twenty-something techie, who is himself bi-racial, believes Black women are beautiful, wonderful and deserving of a place dedicated to men who want to be with them.

For those who would suggest he is providing a haven for those obsessed with watching the Twerk Team on YouTube, Robinson argues that most of those interested in the still beta-testing venture are indeed African-American men. To date, about 15 percent of his would-be members who have signed up for future subscriptions are White.  Robinson guesses the latter percentage will grow as word gets out.  But he still isn’t expected to be peppered with pervs seeking brown sugar.


Credit: Anthony Robinson

Anthony Robinson, I Love Black Women Founder

“Not once have any of them said anything about wanting a Black woman because of a fetish thing like the way they look,” Robinson, who is based out of Virginia, explains of his match-seeking base.  He tells me he was befuddled by some of the negative reaction to the site he plans to launch by mid-October.

“It’s hard enough for a man to approach a woman, any woman at all.  Unfortunately because of the way society is, it becomes even more difficult when you think you could be rejected based on your race.  This site just lets you know you are talking to Black women who are open to seeing men from other races.  This is a place to build relationships,  or even marriage, not a hook-up site.”

Subscribers will likely be able to use the platform for free initially, Robinson explains, and even when there is a pay wall, he will aim to keep it low.

“I’m not trying to make people go broke,” he shares.  “I want to lower the barrier so a lot of people will join.”

He is also adamant that the site will be a respectful place to see and be seen.

“I will not be approving suggestive-looking photos or things where the men are looking sloppy with their pants pulled down and underwear showing,” Robinson insists.  “I want this to be a positive place.  The object is not to paint Black women or the men who love them in any kind of unflattering light.”

JET will keep an eye on I Love Black Women and let you know when it is officially ready for business.  In the meantime, if you want to sign up for it, visit the beta site and join the mailing list (fill out the fields on the upper right-hand corner of the screen).  You can also “like” it on Facebook and stay updated on developments.


YOUR TURN: What do you think of this site so far?  Would you be willing to try it or do you think it will ultimately attract folks with bad intentions?