How – To – Decorate A Super Tiny Apartment

Because we know the struggle is real! 

JET asked the real estate experts at TripleMint to share tips on decorating a tiny apartment, and their advice is shockingly super easy! From using the wall space to adding a pop of color, these decorating hacks will save you from undergoing claustrophobia. Check out their tips below.

Use lots of shelving.

Agent Sam Lazar says: Shelves! They take things off the floor/furniture and out of closets. Floating shelves cost a very small amount on Amazon and can be really easy to install. Mirrors are fantastic also since they reflect light and make a dark, small room look bigger and brighter instantly

Floating surfaces are trendy space savers.

Agent Amy McDonald: A lot of my clients use floating shelves as desks or as bed side tables. Some have installed hanging lights, so they don’t even need a bed side table. They almost all take doors off their closets and use curtains or some sort of colorful hanging thing to add their own flair so the doors don’t open into the room and obstruct the space.

For absolutely no closet spaces, rack’em up.

If there aren’t any closets my clients will have a hanging rack and then a few floating shelves for open storage too.

Sometimes the door has to go.

Agent Ashlie Roberson:
In my rental, I had removed the door from my closet (because when you opened it, it would need about 1/2 the room to swing open). I replace it with long curtains with a fun pattern.

Use your wall space!

Agent Julia Goretsky:
Use the wall space (I can’t stress this enough! If you don’t have the floor space, use the wall!  Incorporate tall dressers and shelves for storage as well as bright art work for character.

Bright colors make a room appear bigger.

Agent Vicki Haddow:
I know from living in small spaces that using light or bright colors helps make the room seem bigger.

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